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The Company is located in Latvia, Ventspils district, Ugale rural municipality. The Sawmill, which area is 12.5ha, is located near the highway Riga-Ventspils with the private railway access road in length of 800m which is connected to the international railway system. There are 30km until the Port of Ventspils.



The structural unit “Ugāles zāģētava” of the LatIgMa, Ltd. has a long history and old traditions. The Sawmill was built in 1933 by Libertals. In the course of time its owners changed. They were as follows – “Kursa MRS”, afterwards “Kursa MRU”, then “Ugāles zāģētava am Muenchinger”, LTd. In 2009 ownership was taken over by “LatIgMa”, Ltd.

Due to gradual development, the Sawmill has become an advanced woodworking company with modern machinery. The LatIgMa, Ltd. takes pride in its staff which has acquired woodworking traditions and skills. To improve Company’s competitiveness since 2009 it continues rapid development by attracting financial resources from the Development Program for Small and Middle Companies of the SJSC “Latvian Mortgage and Land Bank” and from the European Union funds.


The number of employees is  100.
The processing capacity is up to 3500 m3 of round timber monthly.
The logging capacity is up to 12000 m3 of round timber monthly.



The Company collaborates with the USA, Germany, Norway, Poland, Italy, and the Baltic States.


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